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  1. The BTR-60 power plant consisted of two paired in-line 6-cylinder carbureted liquid-cooled engines of the GAZ-40P model, which were a forced version of the GAZ-51 truck engine and developed power up to 90 litres. with. each. Both engines were mounted on a common frame in the engine compartment along the axis of the machine and brought two axles.
  2. The existing power pack of the BTR-60 has been replaced by the complete power pack of the more recent BTR-80 series of 8 × 8 APC, as well as its associated transfer case and drive shafts. The power pack includes a single KamAZ-7403 V-8 turbocharged diesel developing 260 hp, which gives the vehicle a maximum road speed of up to 100 km/h and an.
  3. The BTR-60 was the first in a long line of modern BTR-designated vehicles that included the follow-up BTR-70, BTR-80 and BTR-90 families whose influence went beyond that of the Soviet inventory. The BTR-60 was introduced in December of 1959 and entered serial production in 1960 (hence its designation), with local manufacture running until.
  4. The BTR-60 (Bronetransporter-60) is a fully amphibious eight-wheel-drive vehicle that is propelled through the water by a water jet mounted at the rear of the hull.The vehicle has an all-welded hull with the driver and commander seated at the front and a personnel compartment behind them. The engine compartment is at the rear

BTR-60:n korvasi vuonna 1978 tuotantoon tullut BTR-70, sekä myöhemmin BTR-80, jonka tuotanto alkoi vuonna 1986. Käyttö Suomen puolustusvoimissa. Tämä artikkeli tai sen osa painottuu liikaa joihinkin aiheen osa-alueisiin. Artikkelia tulisi muuttaa tasapainoisemmaksi.. Buy BTR-60, demilitarized, used, watch the photo. BTR-60 for sale on the move in excellent external and technical condition APC after complete restoration of the exterior and interior. The technical part is also fully serviced. Perfect for agricultural work, or for hunting and fishing. Wil SAYMAR Ltd. (www.saymar.co.il) has developed an upgrading kit for the BTR-60 and BTR-70 Armored Personnel Carrier, Which improves the vehicle capabilities, e..

Musik: Arrival to Earth Instrumental Beat Der BTR-60 war ein sowjetischer Schützenpanzerwagen. BTR ist eine Abkürzung für Bronjetransportjor (russisch Бронет.. The BTR-60 is an armored personnel carrier of Soviet origin. It was developed in the mid-1950 s to supplement and replace the earlier BTR-152. The BTR-60 was produced in very large quantities and was one of the prominent Soviet combat vehicles. The name BTR stands for Bronetransportyor, which translates to armored transporter btr-60装甲车. 设计师在btr-60身上大胆的采用了许多新理念。船型的车体采用8×8模式,被分为3个舱段,前端为驾驶舱,为驾驶员和车长所在的位置,中部为乘员舱,可以搭载16名全副武装的士兵,尾部为动力舱,安装2台引擎

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BTR-60. 1960s armored personnel carrier of Soviet origin. Upload media. Wikipedia. Instance of. combat vehicle family. Subclass of. wheeled armored personnel carrier. Country of origin Libyan BTR-60/T-55 - Finished. 1/72 BTR-60/T-55 improvised AFV, built and used by Libyan anti-Gaddafi rebels, 2011. This model is a combination of the ICM BTR-60PB and the Trumpeter Type 59, with a rebel flag from Duplicata. The Libyans fighting the Gaddafi regime converted many existing combat vehicles into Mad Max machines during the. The BTR-60 in Battlefield Vietnam. In Battlefield Vietnam, the BTR-60 is used by the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong. Like the PT-76, the BTR-60 also an amphibious vehicle. However, it has much thinner armor and a lighter armament, which allows it to be faster. It can hold a total of 6 players, with one driver, one gunner, and four. BTR-60 AA - Néhány kubai BTR-60-ast 30 mm-es ikerágyúkkal szereltek fel, hogy könnyű légelhárító tüzérségi járműként szolgálhassanak. Harci alkalmazása. A BTR-60-ast bevetették a jom kippuri háborúban, az 1971-es iráni-pakisztáni konfliktusban, illetve a szovjetek Csecsenföld és Afganisztán elleni. BTR-60PB Eesti kaitsejõududes. 1990. aastate algul õnnestus Eesti sõjaväelastel ja kaitseliitlastel lahkuvalt Vene armeelt üle võtta vähemalt 5-6 BTR-60, neist 1 sidesoomuk BTR-60PU. Aktiivsemalt kasutati ühte BTR-i 1990. aastail Kaitseväe Lahingukooli väljaõppes ja vähemal määral on kasutatud üksikuid Kaitseliidus

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BTR-60 - radziecki transporter opancerzony.Pierwszy z radzieckich ośmiokołowych transporterów. Pod koniec lat 50.XX wieku rozpoczęto w ZSRR prace nad następcą BTR-152.Efektem tych prac był opracowany na przełomie lat 50. i 60. prototyp nowego transportera. Po testach został on w 1959 roku przyjęty do uzbrojenia jako BTR-60P بي تي أر-60 (بالإنجليزية: btr-60)‏، (بالروسية: БТР-60) هي مدرعة مدولبة لنقل الجنود، سوفيتية الصنع، جرى تصميمها في عام 1955 ودخلت الخدمة في سنة 1959 في الجيش السوفيتي كما تم تصديرها إلى دول حلف وارسو إضافة إلى دول الشرق الأوسط من. بي تي أر-60 بالإنگليزية: btr-60، (بالروسية: БТР-60) هي مدرعة مدولبة لنقل الجنود، سوفيتية الصنع، جرى تصميمها في عام 1955 ودخلت الخدمة في سنة 1959 في الجيش السوفيتي كما تم تصديرها إلى دول حلف وارسو إضا The follower of the btr-152 was first seen in public in 1961. in czechoslovakia, poland and hungary not many of them were used, since local armies preferred the one-engined diesel ot-64 skot

BTR-60M has several options of armament - the vehicle can be equipped as with original armor turret (with 14,5 mm. KPVT machine gun), as with some modern weapon station (up to 30 mm. caliber) ADVANTAGES: -Possibility to provide fire support If original BTR-60 due to the lack of firepower coul العربة بالجزائر يرجح انها مطورة الى النسخة btr-60 pu12m حيث تم استبدال الكمبيوتر القديم aspd -12 بالنسخة الاحدث aspd -u ونتيجة لذلك يمكن للعربة معالجة 99 هدف بدل 20 سابقا btr-60-ის პირველი საბრძოლო გამოყენება 1969 წლის მარტში მოხვდა, კუნძულ დამანსკზე რომელიც იმხნად საბჭოთა კავშირისა და ჩინეთი-ის სადავო. btr-60 r-145bm: דגם שדרוג ל-btr-pb, ללא צריח ובעל חמישה מכשירי קשר, שימש כנגמש קשר. BTR-60PU-12 : דגם ששימש כנגמש פיקוד לסוללות נמ , (PU- punkt upravleniya ) לכלי הוסר הצריח והוספו לו אנטנה טלסקופית AMU מצד ימין של קדמת.

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BTR-60 R-975: Forward Air Control Vehicle is a modified BTR-60PB with the armament removed from the turret which is then fitted with a plexiglass window. A large portable generator, similar to the. btr-60的性能不错,但轮式车辆的技术发展很快。 在70年代,苏军根据btr-60进行改进,推出了更新的btr-70。 btr-70生产总数有1万多辆,是数量仅次于btr-60的世界第二大轮式装甲车。 因为btr-70的出现,btr-60逐步开始退居二线,到了苏联解体以后基本都退役了 BTR-60是1960年起装备苏军的,主要装备摩步师、摩步团和海军陆战队,此外还装备世界上30多个国家的军队,连 变型车 在内,总生产量达到25000辆,是世界上生产数量最多的轮式装甲输送车。BTR-152 和BTR-60上都开有6个~8个射击孔, 载员 具有乘车作战的能力。BTR-152主要.

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ناقلة الجُند المدرعة BTR \u0013 60 P : بدأ استخدام سلسلة الناقلات BTR-60 P، في الفترة ما بين 1960 - 1961، بدلاً من ناقلة الأفراد المدرعة BTR-152، القديمة، التي كا BTR-60 Spare Parts. Our company supply and deliver spare parts for BTR-60 all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client. Alternative Designations. BTR-60-PK. Date of Introduction. 1963. Proliferation. At least 30 countries (including variants

BTR-60 PB. The BTR-60PB is an eight-wheel-drive vehicle with evenly spaced wheels, except for a slightly larger space between the second and third wheels. It has a long, boat-like hull with well-sloped armor on the sides and overhead armor cover. Its small conical turret is identical to that of the BRDM-2 The BTR-60 is an eight-wheeled Soviet APC developed in the late 50's The most basic APC avaliable, the BTR-60 is a cheap way of getting your soldiers from A to B. In European Escalation, the BTR-60PAI is the basic version of APC, with BTR-60PB being the upgrade. In Airland Battle and Red Dragon, BTR-60PB is the basic version, and BTR-60PAI is absent. The 2 versions differ only in armament. BTR. Motoren und Getriebe. Das Kraftwerk des BTR-60 bestand aus zwei gepaarten flüssigkeitsgekühlten 6-Zylinder-Reihenmotoren mit Vergaser des Modells GAZ-40P, die eine Zwangsversion des GAZ-51-Lkw-Motors (ähnlich dem ZIL-157 Motor) waren und eine Leistung von bis zu 90 Litern entwickelten. Beide Motoren waren entlang der Maschinenachse auf einem gemeinsamen Rahmen im Motorraum montiert und.

120. Location: UK. Share. #2. Posted November 23, 2021. I believe it's a Soviet BTR.60, Armoured Troop Transporter. They were first seen in the 1960s. I don't think the decals are correct for this vehicle, to be honest. Link to comment بي تي أر-60 بالإنغليزية: BTR-60، (بالروسية: БТР-60) هي مدرعة مدولبة لنقل الجنود، سوفيتية الصنع، جرى تصميمها في عام 1955 ودخلت الخدمة في سنة 1959 في الجيش السوفيتي كما تم تصديرها إلى دول حلف وارسو إضا BTR-60 was a revolutionary design for its time. It had a non-standard layout for an APC. It has the crew compartment in the front, the troop compartment in the middle and the engine compartment in the rear. This meant the BTR-60 didn't have some other APC's weaknesses while it also had several disadvantages of its own BTR-60, Sovyet yapımı bir 8x8 lastik tekerlekli zırhlı personel taşıyıcısıdır. Rus 8x8 lastik tekerlekli zırhlı araç serisinin ilk modelidir. BTR-60'ın yerine geçen modeller BTR-70 ve BTR-80'dir. BTR-60 Sovyet ordusunun zırhlı avcı taşıyıcı aracıydı BTR-60. Collected from the entire web and summarized to include only the most important parts of it. Can be used as content for research and analysis

The latter is a comprehensive upgrade to the Soviet BTR-60 8x8 armored personnel carrier which is currently being considered as an armored vehicle of territorial defense units and a platform for conversion into a command-and staff vehicle, armored ambulance, communication vehicle and other second-line auxiliary vehicles Opis. BTR-60 je bio transporter revolucionarnog dizajna imao je tada nestandardni raspored u to vrijeme, naprijed je bila raspoređena posada, u sredini borbeno odjeljenje, a u stražnjem dijelu pogonsko odjeljenje. Posada je raspoređena u prednjem dijelu vozila, s lijeve strane nalazi se vozač, a s desne strane nalazi se komadir vozila

BTR-60 (russisk: БТР-60) er et sovjetisk pansret personellkjøretøy med åttehjulsdrift. Det ble først sett offentlig i 1961.Det avløste BTR-152 i tjeneste, og ble etterfulgt av BTR-70.Det ble videreutviklet og forbedret i tjenestetiden sin, og det var det mest tallrike kampkjøretøyet i den sovjetiske hæren ¿son btr-60, btr-70 ó btr-80? Se los comento por esto. En otro foro se manejó que son BTR-60, pero tengo una foto donde aparece uno (de la Armada de México) en un esquema de camuflaje en tonos arena y marrón, y por sus dimensiones podría afirmar que se trata de un BTR-70 Buy BTR-70, demilitarized, used, watch the photo. Sale of the BTR-70 on the move with the documents. Fully loaded. Buy the BTR-70 at the best price you can, leaving the application on the website Tehclub. This machine was originally purchased by the Ministry of Defence. Demilitarized, a

The BTR-60 is the first vehicle in a series of Soviet eight-wheeled armoured personnel carriers (APCs).It was developed in the late 1950s as a replacement for the BTR-152 and was seen in public for the first time in 1961. BTR stands for Bronetransporter (BTR, literally armoured transporter). You have a great opportunity to ride this legendary vehicle The BTR-70 is an eight-wheeled Soviet APC developed in the late 60's to improve the BTR-60 with heavier armor, a more effective turret, and extended operational range. A widely produced vehicle, it equipped many nations of the Warsaw Pact and is still in service in several of the worlds smaller armies, along with the Russian Ground Forces. It is armed with a KPVT HMG with 500 rounds, effective.

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The Soviets modified the truncated cone turret used on the BTR-70 for the BTR-80 by redesigning the mantlet.This allows the 14.5 mm (0.57 in) KPVT and coaxial 7.62 mm (0.3 in) PKT machine guns to be elevated to a maximum of 60 degrees. This high angle of fire is useful in engaging targets on steep slopes, in urban fighting, and for engaging low slow flying air targets BTR-60 (rus. БТР-60) - tarybinis, ratinis (8×8) šarvuotasis transporteris.Jis buvo suprojektuotas 1950 m. o gamyba buvo pradėta 1960 m. Šarvuotis turėjo pakeisti Tarybinės Armijos iki tol naudotus BTR-152.Sukonstruotas GAZ konstruktorių. Iš viso buvo pagaminta nuo 10 000 iki 25 000 egzempliorių BTR-60 patrilo medzi najdôležitejšie vozidlá sovietskej armády. Bolo tiež dodané do ďalších krajín napríklad Východného Nemecka, Bulharska, Rumunska či bývalej Juhoslávie. Vo všetkých svojich verziách bolo dodané do viac ako 30 krajín celého sveta. Československo s Poľskom vyvinuli vlastnú verziu osemkolesového. BTR-60 là loại xe bọc thép chở quân bánh lốp đầu tiên của Liên Xô có 8 bánh, mẫu xe này chính là mẫu thiết kế các loại xe BTR-70, BTR-80, BTR-90 sau này, vì vậy mà chúng có hình dạng gần giống nhau. Nó có khả năng lội nước khá tốt nên thường được dùng để đổ bộ btr-60은 병력 수송을 위한 빠르고 가벼운 장륜 장갑차의 가능성을 보여줬지만, 탑승구의 배치와 크기로 인하여 승하차시 적의 화력에 하차중인 보병이 그대로 노출된다는 문제가 있었다. 또한 btr-60은 원래 개방형이던 녀석을 밀폐하고 포탑을 장착했다는 단점도.

Utazás - harckocsizás - egy valódi, orosz gyártmányú BTR-60 típusú nyolckerekű páncélozott csapatszállító járművel!. Ez a kétéltű monstrum, harckocsi, ami mindenen átmegy, a 60-as, 70-es években a szovjet hadsereg alapvető szállítójárműve volt btr-60是一款苏联八轮军用装甲输送车,于20世纪50年代开发,由高尔基汽车厂制造,1959年开始投入使用。 车重10.3吨,长7.56米,宽2.83米,高2.31米,驾驶员3人,载人14人,装有kpv重机枪和pk通用机枪。. 参考资 BTR-60 1V18 Klyon-1 - BTR-60PB converted into an artillery command and forward observer vehicle, used by battery commanders of units equipped with towed artillery and MRL systems. The original turret has been replaced by an unarmed one (Darth Vader) with the NNP-21 and DV observation devices and a rangefinder

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BTR-60轮式装甲输送车. 二战后,前苏联先后研制了若干种轮式 装甲车 。. 由于它们造价低,故装备数量不断增加。. 最初的两种车型是利用卡车底盘制造的BTR-40 (4×4)和BTR-152 (6×6)装甲车。. 这两种车没有炮塔,结构也比较简单,可以描述为敞篷卡车式装甲车. for Meng SS-014 Buk-M1 kit. US$70.00 weight 300g. #362 Syrian T-72 w/TURMS-T fire control. system (early type turret & side skirts) for Trumpeter 9546 T-72A kit US$19.00 weight 95g. 1/72 scale conversion sets. #7201 BRM-1K Commander Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle. early type conversion for S-Model 720041 BMP-1 kit BTR-60 PA modificado. In Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, MSF personnel can capture armoured vehicles, tanks and helicopters for battles in Outer Ops. These armoured vehicles, tanks and helicopters are always accompanied by heavily armed and armoured commandos appearing up to four at a time who themselves also pose a significant distraction and. BTR-60PB: The BTR-60 is the first vehicle in a series of Soviet eight-wheeled armored personnel carriers. It was developed in the late 1950s and was mass produced in the 1960s through mid 1970s. The welded steel boat-shaped hull protects against small arms fire and shrapnel. The BTR-60PB is the last modification of the BTR-60 series, featuring. BTR-60 adalah kendaraan pertama dari seri armoured personnel carrier beroda delapan yang diproduksi oleh Uni Soviet. It was developed in the late 1950s as a replacement for the BTR-152 and was seen in public for the first time in 1961. BTR stands for Bronetransporter .[13

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Il BTR-60BP della metà anni '60 ha anche 2 piccoli portelli laterali e una torretta corazzata con una mitragliera KPV da 14,5mm e una PKT da 7,62mm, al posto dell'assortimento di armi da 12,7 e 7,62 sistemati sopra il mezzo nelle versioni iniziali 317k Followers, 626 Following, 60 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Kyy (@btr_kyy

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btr-60轮式装甲输送车. 本文主题内容是:btr-60轮式装甲输送车(BTR-60轮式装甲输送车) 解放军开上btr82a装甲输送车体验俄罗斯版大八轮. 装甲车在很大程度上重复了70年代初高尔基汽车厂设计的gaz-50轮式步兵. trumpeter/小号手 01593 苏联 btr-70 轮式装甲输送车阿富 Download file . TurboBit.net provides unlimited and fast file cloud storage that enables you to securely share and access files online

ivexgroup medical equipment. Specs. Entered service. 1986. Crew. 3 men. Personnel. 7 men. Dimensions and weight. Weigh The Bronetransportyor-60 or BTR-60 for short is an 8-wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier used by the Soviet Union.First pressed into service on 1959, the APC piloted by two crewmen and can transport upto 12 soldiers. Additionally, despite it looking particularly bulky, it still had amphibious capabilities and was pretty fast for a transport, so it was capable of mounting a lightning water. BTR-60 in Detail from WWP is a great book. It is 120 pages long and covers two main vehicle variants BTR-60PA and BTR-60PB, as well as two command/communications BTR-60PB subvariants: BTR-60PB-PU12 and BTR-60PB-R145BM. The book consists of 385 color photos and diagrams BTR-60 (ros. БТР-60) - kołowy transporter opancerzony konstrukcji radzieckiej, następca transportera BTR-152. Transporter opancerzony BTR-60 został zaprojektowany i zbudowany w drugiej połowie lat 50-tych XX wieku jako następca starzejącego się BTR-152. Był pierwszym radzieckim transporterem zbudowanym w układzie ośmiokołowym z napędem na wszystkie koła (8X8), oraz pierwszym.

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About The BTR-60 Communications Vehicle: The BTR-60 is the first vehicle in a series of Soviet eight-wheeled armoured personnel carriers (APCs). It was developed in the late 1950s as a replacement for the BTR-152 and was seen in public for the first time in 1961 However, if the BTR-60 chassis is modified by attaching the 100-mm D-10T2S gun turret of T-54/55 or the T-62 U-5TS 115 mm, it accepts the removal of soldier carrying capacity and ability to swim.

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后来,btr-60 的变体也开始被苏联军方接受,如 1963 年的 btr-60pa、1965 年的 pa-1 和 pai、btr-60pb 1966年,1972年btr-60pz,1975年btr-60pk。苏联在1980年代开始用btr-70和btr-80代替btr-60。 越南战争 btr-60也是战争结束后苏联对越南的援助,主要是btr-60pb BTR-60 PU véhicule de commandement sans armement. BTR-60 PU-12 et BTR-60 PU-12M véhicules de commandement pour la défense antiaérienne. BTR-60 R-145 Chayka, BTR-60 R-145BM véhicules de commandement; BTR-60 R-156; BTR-60 R-975M1 véhicule de contrôle (Le mot contrôle peut avoir plusieurs sens The vehicle was developed at the end of the 1950s as a substitute for the BTR-152 which had become outdated. During the 1960s many improvements were made and at that time the vehicle was the most important armoured carrier in the Soviet Army

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The BTR-60 was the first in a series of Soviet four-axle armored personnel carriers, the development and production of which continues to this day. Both the USSR and Romania are supplied to dozens of other countries. Main characteristics: Maximum speed - 80 km / h Power - 134 k 产量最高的装甲车之一・BTR-60轮式装甲输送车(2017/10). 3560播放 · 总弹幕数2 2021-03-07 17:00:13 BTR 60. 105 likes. BTR 60. Interesting article on how exhibits from state museums die. And private museums are being accused of misguided care of exhibits

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فيديو لمركبات btr-60m الجديدة. تجدر الإشارة إلى أن الإصدار المتقدم من ناقلات الجند المدرعة من طراز btr-60 تحتوي على تكوين جديد، حيث يتم كرسي السائق في مقدمة السيارة على اليسار، مع وجود كرسي القائد خلفه، بينما تكون حجرة. BTR-60 and Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe · See more » Type 63 (armoured personnel carrier) The Type 63 (industrial designation YW531) is a Chinese armoured personnel carrier that entered service in the late 1960s. New!!: BTR-60 and Type 63 (armoured personnel carrier) · See more » Type 85 AF

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The BTR-60 is the first vehicle in a series of Soviet eight-wheeled armoured personnel carriers (APCs). It was developed in the late 1950s as a replacement for the BTR-152 and was seen in public for the first time in 1961 BTR-60のシリーズの最初の車であるソ連8輪装甲兵員輸送車(APCに)。これは、の代替として1950年代後半に開発されたBTR-152. Vielseitig ist er, der BTR 60: Wie üblich spielt er Musik vom Smartphone drahtlos via Bluetooth oder kabelgebunden per AUX. Alternativ aber auch von einer MicroSD-Karte, und zwar in den Formaten MP3, WAV und sogar FLAC Lo BTR-60 es un veïcul de transpòrt de tropas sovietic desvolopat a la fin deis annadas 1950 per remplaçar lo BTR-152.Aviá uech ròdas motritz, un motor d'esséncia e un blindatge leugier capable d'arrestar lei tirs de bala e leis brigas d'obús. Èra tanben amfibí.Es armat de doas mitralhièra de 14,5 e de 7,62 mm. Foguèt largament adoptat per lei país dau blòt sovietic, per de país. BTR-60 - BTR-60. BTR-60 -. BTR-60. El BTR-60 es el primer vehículo de una serie de vehículos blindados de transporte de personal (APC) soviéticos de ocho ruedas . Fue desarrollado a finales de la década de 1950 como reemplazo del BTR-152 y fue visto en público por primera vez en 1961

BTR-60 1V18-1 - Modernisiertes Modell. BTR-60 1V19 Klyon-2 - BTR-60PB umgebaut zu einem Artilleriefeuerleitzentrum äußerlich identisch mit dem BTR-60 1V18, jedoch mit dem R-130M-Funkgerät und einem zusätzlichen Staufach auf jeder Oberseite des Rumpfes ausgestattet. Wird von Bataillonskommandanten verwendet BTR-60 1V18-1 - Modelo modernizado. BTR-60 1V19 Klyon-2 - BTR-60PB convertido em um centro de direção de fogo de artilharia externamente idêntico ao BTR-60 1V18, mas fornecido com o conjunto de rádio R-130M e uma caixa de estiva adicional em cada lado superior do casco. Usado por comandantes de batalhão. BTR-60 1V19-1 - Modelo modernizado

3D Model vehicles tank armored security vehicle btr btr-60. this BTR-60 is made in 3dsmax 2012 64bit with polygon and without texture or only the model. BTR armoured personnel carriers APC Tank Military soviet eight wheels second world war. Report Content Related Products. $60. 3ds max . $899. c4d oth 3ds ma . blend d max . lwo dwg obj . $169. Seite 1 BTR 60 Bluetooth Lautsprecher mit Radio Bluetooth reproduktor s rádiem Bluetooth reproduktor s rádiom Bluetooth zvučnik s radiom Głośnik bluetooth z radiem Enjoy it. Enjoy it. Competence Center Audio Globaltronics GmbH & Co. KG Domstrasse 19 20095 Hamburg Germany www.blaupunkt.de... Seite 2 _BTR_60_Lautsprecher.book Seite 2 Freitag, 22

Description []. The Soviets based the BTR-80 on the BTR-70 APC. It has a single 260-hp, V-8 turbocharged, water-cooled, diesel engine, an improvement over the twin gasoline engines installed in the BTR-60 and BTR-70 vehicles BTR-60? Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. BTR-60? By AidenDark, July 4, 2012 in DayZ Mod General Discussion. Recommended Posts. AidenDark 0 AidenDark 0 Thread Starter On the Coast; Members; 0 4 posts; Joined: July 3, 2012; Posted July 4, 2012. Was this added to the game at some point and I missed it?. Der Blaupunkt BTR 60 BK Bluetooth-Lautsprecher ab 22.10.2020 bei Kaufland. Als nächstes wiederkehrendes Angebot bei Kaufland gibt es ab Donnerstag dem 22.10.2020 den Blaupunkt BTR 60 BK Bluetooth-Lautsprecher zu kaufen. Er wird in den Filialen zum richtig kleinen Preis von nur 14,62€ (UVP 49,95€) erhältlich sein BTR-80 otettiin tuotantoon Neuvostoliitossa 1986, jolloin se korvasi vanhemmat BTR-60- ja BTR-70-vaunut. Se on edelleen tuotannossa. Bangladesh tilasi 60 BTR-80:aa rauhanturvatehtäviä varten, ne toimitettiin helmikuuhun 2006 mennessä. Venäjän armeija on tilannut 100 panssariajoneuvoa vuonna 2006

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史上最高产的装甲车之一・btr-60轮式装甲输送车(2021/12/9) 484播放 · 总弹幕数4 2021-12-10 09:00:12 138 3 24 Le BTR-60 est le premier véhicule d'une série de véhicules blindés de transport de troupes (APC) soviétiques à huit roues . Il a été développé à la fin des années 1950 en remplacement du BTR-152 et a été vu en public pour la première fois en 1961

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